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October 10, 2016 at 8:00 am Lean Partner Academy COURSE ENQUIRY


The Lean Advance Gold Belt certification will help give more exposure on the execution of Lean, providing participants opportunities to initiate, execute and manage Lean projects in their careers. This course is designed to fortify participants’ understanding on Lean methodology and give participants a structured approach of what is required to execute and manage Lean improvement projects.

The lean advance gold belt course has a major focus on Lean & Waste assessment skills — how to identify and remove waste in a process, and how to ensure that waste doesn’t originate back into the process after improvement process. The lean certification content is designed so you can implement the techniques in any industry.

Learning Objectives
  • Get to grips with the history and meaning of Lean
  • Capture Lean tools application including the DMAIC model
  • Learn how to establish customer needs and measure performance
  • Function as a knowledgeable member of a project team
  • Lead and execute process-level improvement projects
  • Eliminate waste and defects by applying lean methodology
  • Collect process data and develop process maps
  • Developing communicative competence: convey lean knowledge and analysis methods

Lean thinking is now not just for manufacturing, but is successfully applied to improving all types of organization including office work, knowledge processing and service industries.
Lean provides methods and tools that enable any organization, whatever its business, to reduce costs, shorten delivery times, and improve quality – simultaneously.
The Lean Advanced Gold Belt training will give participants an advanced take on the SIETS Lean methodology and tools within the framework for better execution of the Lean project.

Getting to know Lean

  • Introduction (What is Lean?, History of Lean etc.)
  • Keys to Lean and Process Management Assessment
  • Lean 101 Review (Principles of Lean)
  • Getting Started (Pre-Planning)
  • Introduction to Lean methodology (SIETS)


(SPECIFY) Operational Scoping

  • Scoping your approach (Defining, building and planning )
  • Interpreting your customer (Voice of the Customer, Business and Employee, Kano Model)
  • Financial scoping (Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), evaluation & benefits capture)
  • Looking at the bigger picture (Process Mapping, SIPOC, Value Stream Map etc…)


(IDENTIFY) Advanced Lean Management

  • Root cause analysis (Cause & effect diagrams, X-Y Diagram, Bottleneck Analysis )
  • Problem solving techniques (8D, Total Preventive Maintenances, SMED concepts etc..)
  • Learning about status displays (Andon Concepts)


(ELIMINATE) Systematic Analysis

  • Eye for Analysis (Benchmarking, Gemba Walk, Process Map, AS-IS Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagram)
  • Performance Studies (Takt Time, Cycle time, Lead time)
  • Measuring Performance and baseline (Current State Metric)
  • Eye for Waste (VA, NVA, TIMWOODS)
  • Employee Engagement Tool


(TRANSFORM) Solution Strategies & Execution

  • 13 Key Lean Tools for Future State (Kanban, Kaizen, 5S, Visual Controls, Just in time (JIT)etc…
  • Strategizing for Solutions (Investigation plans, improvement strategies)
  • Designing your Solution (Brainstorming, Future State Components, Impact analysis etc…)
  • Implementing the solution (Implementation plan,piloting exercise, benefit score card etc…)
  • Strengthening the Solution (Standard Operating Procedures, Check sheetsetc…)
  • Stabilizing the Solution (Process Capability, Analysis, Stability, FMEA etc…)


(SUSTAIN) Stakeholder& project management, control and communication

  • Post Solution Management (Monitoring Techniques,, Stakeholder management, Stakeholder analysis
  • Change Management
  • Monitoring Techniques (Control charts, Visual managementetc…)
  • Project management (Best-practice approach, PM system, PDCA etc…)

This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions-operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and other staff functions. Participants are normally managers, senior executives, process experts, project leaders and future leaders who want to learn this valuable skill set.

How long will Lean Advance/Gold training take to complete?
Lean Advance/Gold will take approximately 12 days to complete.

What happens upon completion of course?
Upon completion of this course a certificate of attendance will be provided.

How long are the Lean Partner Lean Advance/Gold certifications valid for?
The Lean Advance/Gold certifications are not valid for a defined period and will not expire.

What is the duration and format for the exam?
Lean Advance/Gold doesn’t require to sit for exam.

What are the Lean Partner Lean Advance/Gold certification requirements?
Course Attendance

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