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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
August 14, 2017 at 8:30 am Lean Partner Academy COURSE ENQUIRY


Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) Certification status represents the pinnacle of business process improvement expertise. This role is typically reserved for top-performing, high-potential Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have delivered exceptional results. Master Black Belts help shape the future of their company by leading both the strategy and tactics of Lean Six Sigma process improvement activities. This intense four-week certification program helps Master Black Belt candidates achieve an in-depth understanding of Six Sigma, Lean, and Change Management, and equips them to establish and implement process improvement strategies for solving complex business process problems quickly and efficiently.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Evaluate the impact of your organization’s structure on project execution
• Develop and apply criteria for project selection
• Select, charter, and initialize projects
• Assess and review projects
• Conduct effective tollgate reviews
• Prepare for and conduct a Project Portfolio Risk Assessment
• Understand what characteristics, traits and skills are needed by project managers
• Understand the practice of leadership and draft a plan of actions to improve your leadership practice
• Communicate using Design for Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ concepts and language.
• Identify unsolved problems or projects that warrant a design solution.
• Integrate DFLSS into your existing design/development process.
• Gather and analyze the voice of the customer to define stated and unstated requirements.
• Select optimal product or process design concepts.
• Use analytical and experimental methods to develop robust and reliable designs.
• Modify designs for optimal performance based on variability of the inputs and desired outputs.
• Verify that the designs meet the requirements at the desired level of performance.
• Employ your Design for Lean Six Sigma skills to lead a successful development project delivering meaningful results to the organization.

• Ability to assist organizational leaders in shaping the future of the business and in leading high-level multi-million dollar projects
• An in-depth understanding of Six Sigma, Lean, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Change Management
• A powerful roadmap and toolset to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively
• A practical understanding of how to lead strategic change, manage a classroom, develop a topical  module, and transfer Lean Six Sigma knowledge via training and mentoring to Green Belts and Black Belts

This training and certification is designed for Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have completed at least three successful Black Belt projects as project leader and have truly enjoyed this work, but realize they would like to do more.

How long will Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt by Lean Partner training take to complete?
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training will take approximately 3weeks to complete.

What happens upon completion of course?
Students will receive two certificates. One certificate for successfully completing the Lean Six Sigma MBB training and another certificate for successfully completing a live project.

How long are the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certifications by Lean Partner valid for?
The Master Black Belt certifications are not valid for a defined period and will not expire. Candidates who pass the examination are recognized as ‘Lean Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belts’.

What is the duration and format for the exam?
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt exam are allowed up to 3 hours for completion. All exam questions are having multiple choices format and based on open book examination. Students are allowed to bring training
materials given during training course and other additional notes.

How many times can I retake the exams?
There is no limitation or time restriction on examination retakes.

What are the pass marks for the Lean Six Sigma examinations?
Pass marks for Lean Sigma Master Black Belt, will need to score 80/100 to pass the exam.

What are the Lean Partner LSS Master Black Belt certification requirements?
a) Course Attendance
b) To Pass Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Exam
c) Lead and complete one project within one year of completion of course. (Project must
demonstrate an achievement of either Hard or Soft savings)
d) Each project must be signed-off by the Champion and Financial Controller.

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