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Fully Customized e Learning Content to Achieve Business Target & Performance Goals

How We Do - 4D's

  • Identifying client’s needs
  • Gather information for analysis
  • Identify & classify course content
  • Define course storyboard
  • Selecting instructional, media, evaluation and delivery strategies
  • Review on course flow before development
  • Integrating instructional methods and media components to develop contents
  • Integrating contents into learning platforms
  • Invite clients to review final works
  • Courseware made accessible for learners
  • Integrating courseware in to client’s  server
  • Provide support and evaluate information to help measure the performance of the courseware

Welcome To The Future of Learning

Customized Lean Six Sigma Online Learning

What is eLeanPartner?

eLeanPartner is an online learning platform for individuals who can choose how they want to learn, when they want to learn and how fast they want to be certified. Through eLeanPartner, employees can now conveniently participate in training at their flexible learning environment. eLean Partner has been designed and customized to help your company deliver consistent and effective training each and every time regardless of time and distance.
This e-learning platform is rich in media which is essential as an integral part of the courseware. In fact that is what makes our courses interesting and appealing to learners in the absence of a physical instructor. They comprise animations and interactivities to various levels of sophistication, visuals and narration. These components by Lean Partner’s e-learning makes your training programs more effective and enjoy learner’s appreciation and support.
eLean Partner is fully owned by Lean Partner Sdn. Bhd, the leading Lean Six Sigma Training Provider in Malaysia. Visit us at


Who is it designed for?

eLeanPartner is designed for ambitious & goal oriented individuals who want to make a difference in their careers – who lack the time to get away from day to day work to attend trainings. Lean Partner via this e-learning platform offers suitable and customised e-learning content to enable our customers to align their learning courses with their business target and performance goals.
eLeanPartner is specially designed to help you Save Time, Learn At Your Pace and Save Money while get certified in your desired field

When should I use eLeanPartner?

Right now or whenever you are ready or whenever you feel you lack the time to learn physically. There isn’t just one answer to that question as it really depends on you. We understand some of our clients are busy, this platform is created for ambitious and busy people just like you.


Where can I use eLeanPartner?

eLeanPartner is an online platform  so you can learn anywhere anytime you prefer. Regardless if you love to learn at 8pm or 4am, it allows you to learn when you want. You can also use it on a multitude of devices. Either on computer, laptops or your tablet. With eLeanPartner, you are in the driver’s seat and you get to decide how and where you want to learn.

Why Should I use eLeanPartner?

eLeanPartner is fully owned by Lean Partner Sdn. Bhd and is led by Mr. Manicavasagam – A Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. Lean Partner is currently the leading Lean Six Sigma training company in Malaysia. Our range of experienced instructional trainers understand the training requisites efficaciously by collaborating with subject matter experts and construct the contents that transfer knowledge and convey key messages efficaciously.
Lean Partner understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to e-learning solutions and your business needs. We understand that your program needs to be designed around your business objectives and your learners. We design, develop, and deliver the right suite of learning solutions for your e-learning project that is both flexible and expandable. Using scenarios that are highly are interactive, we are able to captivate and educate the leaners.
Lean Partner’s clients include Banks, Insurance Companies, Oil & Gas Companies. If Standard Chartered and Shell feel that Lean Partner is the best option to train their employees in Lean Six Sigma, you can be sure you are in good hands.