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12Lean Partner aims at being the Process Transformation Consultancy (PTC) contractor of choice by supporting its customers’ across all industries and geographies in their business objectives and consistently deliver projects with outstanding performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets. Our commitment to innovation, and finding ways to draw upon our vast experience of Project Management and programs, to bring faster, smarter, more cost effective solutions to your Business Enterprise.

Lean Partner is a focused and agile group of operational experts determined to bring out the best in your organization through Lean Six Sigma consulting and Imparting Operational Excellence training. Our consultants and Experts combine process expertise with business acumen to affect your organization’s bottom line.

Our Consultants and trainers engage with you to critically listen for your specific business requirements and needs and turning them into programs and plans to realize a sustainable solution for your Business Growth and Profitability. Our consultant will work with your management team to prepare improvement projects pipeline and help with projects prioritization. Whether you are interested in implementing one project, or going to a full scale Lean Six Sigma deployment, our consultants will assist your company and provide full support in training your team and coaching them while implementing improvement project.

Our consultants shall help you by understanding your goals, walking through your processes, devising plans to meet the Business goals, and work closely with your Business Team to implement the required changes also Metrics shall be devised and monitored along the improvement journey to reflect the success of the project.


We have developed a number of Lean Six Sigma training courses and Business Improvement Programs centred around Lean Six Sigma methodologies. As consultants, we have the benefit of many years of ‘collective’ experience and exposure to Continuous Improvement and Business Optimisation programs across many clients in multiple industries ensuring our Lean Six Sigma training courses are of the highest quality.

Our Lean Six Sigma Training Courses cater for people across all functions of a business. We believe that Lean is not the domain of the operational departmental areas, but needs to be absorbed and integrated laterally and vertically across every area of the business in order to deliver maximum benefit, as a common language and approach is adopted throughout the entire organisation.

As we prioritize client customization, we ensure all training courses are enhanced and tailor made to client’s specification and nature of industry. All courses are supplemented with various tools and templates developed by Lean Partner in ensuring all projects are reported out to the management efficiently. Further to this, all participants of the training courses are provided with reading materials.


Coaching is delivered through focused and intensive sessions aimed at supporting the belts on their improvement projects. These sessions are directed to the individuals participating to the training and leading the Lean Six Sigma projects. Whilst developing people’s skills and abilities, and of boosting performance, coaching also can help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems in delivering their project. Coaching also makes sure that learning is applied in the real world.

A coaching session will typically take place as a conversation between the coach and the coachee (person being coached), and it focuses on helping the coachee discover answers for themselves.It serves as a valuable opportunity for candidates to validate their approach, discuss with Lean Partner trainers the appropriate tools depending on the type of problem at hand and leverage on past experiences related to similar “families” of project to a level of detail that cannot, for time constraints, be expected during classroom activities.

A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching

80% saw improved self-confidence
73% saw improved relationships
72% saw improved communication skills
70% saw improved work performance
61% saw improved business management
57% saw improved time management
51% saw improved team performance

And of those surveyed, 99% indicated that there were “somewhat or fully satisfied with their coaching experience” and 96% said they would do it again.

EVENTS – Kaizen/Workshop/RIE

During the workshops, Lean Partner provides a platform to participants to engage in a highly interactive session in learning the principles and application of the Lean Six Sigma into their work routines. Participants are given the opportunity to apply learnings to real life instances and hands-on application to industry related problems/incidents/processes to solve. Having the privilege of hands-on experience in solving sample problems during the workshop, participants will be able to truly appreciate the nature of lean six sigma. Lean Partners team at the workshop ensure all participants have take-aways from the workshops that are valuable in instilling to their work routine.

Our distinctive ‘speed-to-results’ project selection and prioritization approach helps clients focus their efforts on the most promising organizational improvement opportunities. It is designed to engage all levels of the organization to effect a change in culture that embraces process excellence. When integrated with Lean Kaizen events, clients are able to achieve unprecedented speed-to-results and organizational buy-in.


Our highly experienced teams apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies and execution skills to projects as a stand-alone service, in parallel with broader transformation initiatives or as part of an ‘issues based’ deployment. In addition, some companies struggle with dedicating sufficient full-time resources to achieve the breakthrough results that Lean Six Sigma is capable of delivering. Our experienced resources can be brought in on a short-term basis to jump-start profitability or to supplement areas of the business where resources are tightly constrained.

Lean Six Sigma helps clients achieve operational speed, quality, cost reduction and customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services – a key ingredient to achieve high performance and sustain competitive advantage in businesses and governmental organizations. We help clients address strategic priorities and transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business processes through the integration of the proven improvement methodologies of Lean (Speed) and Six Sigma (Quality).

Targeted at asset intensive companies, this portfolio of services focuses on optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of client’s operating assets, strategic maintenance, operations excellence, and capital stewardship are the main focus of activities to help clients achieve the highest returns on capital. Identifying the highest value areas of operational improvement as well as any gaps in organizational and functional alignment. The findings are then used to translate strategic objectives into actionable plans with the proper assets, operations and processes in place.

Lean Partner’s consultants are committed in delivering nothing but the best in ensuring our clients experience the true essence of Lean Six Sigma knowledge. Lean Partner’s team utilise Lean Six Sigma methodologies throughout in managing and deploying projects, delivering a positive impact on to business processes to bring about savings to Clients and improving customer relationship, both as according to needs and requests of our Clients.