With tons of information on the web, customization indeed is the need of the hour! Separating the wheat from the chaff is only one aspect of it though.
   Customization is nothing but curating and designing content that speaks to you in a  manner that makes complete sense.
   Laser focused, targeted, immediately-usable-learning in the shortest period possible reducing the learning curve is what it achieves.
   It differs greatly from traditional learning. The closest analogy to traditional learning is it’s similarity to private tutoring where the tutor tailor-makes the lessons to suit your preferences, learning capacity, intellect, assimilation levels, etc.
   All our learning modules mimic the private tutor in that sense.
   Not everyone learns the same way and the degree of difficulty experienced in different parts of the curriculum is not the same.
   So this asymmetrical, nonlinear mode of learning allows you to jump easier sections and focus on what serves you best.

   When it comes to E-learning, customization takes on the hues of:

  •      How the content appears (font sizes, colors, backgrounds, themes etc.)
  •      How is the content delivered – audio, video, AV, graphics, texts, or a mixture of all, etc
  •      How the content is presented, navigated and consumed/assimilated (Do you use a mouse, tap/swipe, keyboard to navigate or do you learn best if it presented as a game as in ‘gaming’, Quizzes, Online discussions, Tutorials, etc.)