Lean Bank

Lean Bank

Lean Bank is a simulation game inspired by actual Banking Operations’ scenario.

This highly interactive simulation game will engage all participants to embark on a role-playing scenario, taking place in a Current Account Opening process in a branch. it’s a great simulation game for team exercises and works great for applying Lean methodology to real-life scenarios which makes training fun and highly interactive.

Duration: 4 Hours (include preparation & exercise)

  • To simplify the end to end current account opening process by removing the wastes
  • To transform the Lean theory to practical imitation for better understanding of the methodology

Training Participants

  • How a person’s job adds to the process bottleneck and causing delay/problem?
  • Having too much of duplicate task adds to the waste of the system and makes it harder to detect and fix problems.
  • Too many document movements, process dependencies and multiple hand offs
  • How the layout impacts the process flow?
  • How to design future processes?
  • What and how to do report out.

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