Customer service is an important aspect of any business. Either the business provides products or services, it is in dire need of establishing a solid and improved customer service in order to be successful. Providing great customer service assures customers that the business is dependable when it comes to its products and services.

First and foremost, let us define what customer service is. In the business world, customer service is any activity which involves giving quality products and services to the customers. It encompasses from the production of goods and services up to giving assistance to every customer’s concerns. Simply put, customer service shall ensure that the customers are satisfied with the business’ offerings.

Customer Client Consumer Satisfaction Service Loyalty Concept

Businesses, in general, must know the impact that customers contribute to the overall success. The customers are the blood line of businesses. If the customers of a business dwindle in numbers, it will be hard for the business to keep up in the market. The customer’s patronization is essential in keeping the business in great shape.

As such, customer service and assistance is highly crucial for the survival of a business. It is the business’ way of reaching out to the customers to know their concerns and preferences. Through customer service, business owners and managers are given customers’ feedback as to how their products and services can be improved.

Get to the Source

If a business gains a customer service issue, the best way to address this is by getting to its roots. A few improvements on the process of dealing with customer concerns will not totally alleviate the problem. Improvements at the source of problems will be the best option.

For instance, a business develops an issue regarding customer service and satisfaction. Many of the customers are complaining about the product or service that they have recently purchased. These numerous complaints are overwhelming the customer service representatives. As a result, the customer service hotlines might be back logged and customers experience a long waiting time. How can this scenario be fixed?

The common action taken by businesses is to improve the customer service hotlines or to hire additional customer service representatives. Other businesses even attempt to increase the scope of customer service through expanding their services to other media. Although these solutions are helpful, they only give temporary relief from customer complaints. Business owners and managers do not realize that some problems need deeper solutions.

Instead of focusing solely on the operations of customer service, problem solving must be focused on the whole process. There might be a glitch somewhere during the manufacturing of the goods – in the manner of assembly or even the materials used. The quality of the products or services might be compromised due to certain negligence. These problems, at the source, may have caused the customer’s concerns about the products and services.

Lean Six Sigma’s Role in Customer Service

To truly fulfil the duty of providing customer service and satisfaction, businesses must take a look at what is causing these concerns. Getting at the source of the problem is better than formulating end-of-the-pipe solutions. This can be achieved through the implementation of Lean Six Sigma.

The combined advantages of both Lean and Six Sigma makes Lean Six Sigma a powerful tool in improving business processes. Using Six Sigma’s metrics and Lean’s waste elimination, businesses are given a way to directly solve the root of problems.

Lean Six Sigma methodologies, such as Lean six sigma Malaysia, exhibit certain features that are beneficial to improving customer service. Problem solving in Lean Six Sigma involves eliminating problems at the source. It looks at the bigger picture rather than focusing on small issues. Through Lean Six Sigma, businesses will work towards continuous improvement. The willingness of businesses for more improvement paves the way for better products and services to bring greater customer satisfaction. Lastly, Lean Six Sigma – including Lean six sigma in healthcare and Lean six sigma in banking – plays great emphasis on the people process – more specifically on customer satisfaction. Businesses employing Lean Six Sigma, like businesses with Lean six sigma certification Malaysia, will recognize the importance of customer and employee satisfaction when it comes to business success.

The bottom line, customer service will be greatly improved through the transformation of the embattled business processes.

Employee Experience

One concept in business that is often neglected: employee experience leads to customer experience. This means that an employee’s experience would reflect to the total satisfaction of the customer regarding a product or service.

Most businesses are human-driven. This means that the human aspect of the business – customers, employees, and stakeholders – are the core of each business. Without them, businesses will cease to exist. As much as a business takes care of its customers, its employees must also be one of its top priorities. Without proper handling of employees, the production quality and delivery of products and services may be greatly compromised. This leads to further customer concerns and complaints regarding the products and services.

The challenge of using Lean Six Sigma in businesses is that the methodology may negatively impact the morale of employees. In Lean methodology, employees may be required to accomplish additional works aside from their current tasks. Excessive work load can make the employees overworked and unmotivated to do their job properly. In Six Sigma methodology, employees are subjected to certain changes – in the process and business. These changes may complicate how employees work. Employees may feel uncomfortable towards these changes.

These instances should be closely monitored by business owners and managers. In case the employees are affected by the changes implemented because of Lean Six Sigma, owners and managers should have a solution. This is the reason why most business owners and managers undergo certain trainings – such as Lean six sigma training Malaysia – in order to provide solution to such problems.

For example, a business undergoing Lean six sigma Malaysia can access more information regarding the methodology. Business owners and managers can undergo Lean six sigma training Malaysia to get Lean six sigma certification Malaysia. This training will surely guide the business towards success – not only on customer service concerns, but on other business aspects as well.